15 Jan '15


Ghent and Brugges for the Holidays

Mick and I have always threatened to go to Belgium, the land of beer and chocolate. This year we made good on that threat. On Stephen’s Day, with our bellies still full from Christmas dinner the day before, we caught … Read More

21 Mar '14

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Dublin vs. Portland

I see your Dublin… …and I raise you a Portland Read More

11 Feb '14

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Kayaking Krabi

Today was the last day of our trip, tomorrow we would be home. We flew out at 8pm and we were determined to make the best of the day. We woke up early to pack our bags and set off on one … Read More

10 Feb '14

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Sparkly things

Up early to day. I had a very hard time packing everything, nothing seemed to fit into my bag (perhaps I didn’t want it to). Eventually I headed to the small restaurant for breakfast, where Rebecca had already eaten. I … Read More

09 Feb '14

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Monkey business

Today we decided we were going to walk the ‘Long Beach’. We started off the day with some muesli and yogurt then headed on our way. To get to the long beach we had to take the dirt road as far … Read More

08 Feb '14

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Paradise at last

After our exhausting day yesterday I managed to sleep until 10am. Rebecca was already up and was just getting back from the beach where I joined her for an omelette and coffee. Shortly after I finished my breakfast, Maat asked us … Read More

07 Feb '14

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Snorkelling on Phi Phi
(Part 1)

Today was a very long day for us, we spent half the day on Koh Phi Phi and half on Ko Jum. Both two adventures on their own, so here’s what happened in on Phi Phi.

Up at 7:45 today … Read More

07 Feb '14

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Pre-booking still essential (Part 2)

When we arrived at the dock at Ko Jum, there were a few taxi’s (think motorcycle with sidecar) waiting. We had asked the woman at Oasis tours if we needed a booking and she said we didn’t, and to ask … Read More

06 Feb '14

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Not quite paradise

Today started much like yesterday did. With Rebecca sick again, she seemed to feel the worst in the mornings and start feeling better by the afternoon. I had to hand it to her, as awful as she felt she didn’t … Read More

05 Feb '14


4 Island Tour

We were up early and packed our bags and moved them across the street to Otto’s where we were staying for our final night in Koh Lanta. Unfortunately, Rebecca still wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t stomach breakfast. I had a … Read More

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