June 9, 2009

Here I go again on my own…

Hi All it’s been a while since i’ve posted and many fun things have come to pass.

I introduced Mick to Geocaching and it’s our new favorite activity. It has taken us to mountains and castles and to lovely walks in the park. We’ve only done a few so far but plan to pick em up in our spare time. We had a week of absolutely amazing weather, got a sunburn and all, now it’s back to a bit of rain and overcast. We took full advantage of the weather when we had it though, by going to beach, motorbike rides and bbq’s a plenty!

We also celebrated mick’s 30th birthday party (which is actually on the 12th, but due to a business trip had it early) traditionally over at Aslinn’s house complete with bbq, bouncy castle and bone fire. It was absolutely fantastic. Then the next day we headed over to Trim Castle for a day in the sun among the ruins.

While we were busy doing this our flatmate sarah was busy moving out and getting ready for her move to Italy, so we’ll be cat-sitting pebbles while she’s away for the summer. It’s nice to have a cat in the house again, but to be honest, pebbles is well… insane. It had to be said.

As for Mick’s business trip, he’s been called to Sydney Austrailia for three weeks. He’s at the airport as I type this. I’ve moved from the thoughts of not wanting him to leave to just being plain jealous! I wanna go! I’m just trying to keep in mind that it’s business and he will be working a lot. As well it’s actually winter in Sydney right now so there won’t be any fun times on the beach (just one’s in pubs). He’s promised we’ll go back someday and i will hold him to that. I’ll be using the next few weeks to get things done i’ve been meaning to do…not too sure what those are yet.

Oh I also passed my driving theory test last Saturday. Basically I’ve been driving for 12 years and I can legally drive in Ireland but I can’t legally get insured which means i have to apply for my irish license before getting a car. However, actually obtaining a license is quite a lengthly process.
1. First I have to pass my theory test (done),
2. Then i’ve to apply for my provisional license
3. Next i have to take 6 driving lessons (up to 50 euro a session!),
4. Finally after 6 months i can apply for my full license and of course have to pass a driving test.

And of course each one of these steps costs money. I can actually get insured with only a provisional license but my insurance rates will be sky high!

There are a few things i’m looking forward to. I won’t shut up about going to the states i’m very excited for that! I’m also looking forward to Mick getting home (I know… already??) then the day after he gets back we’re heading to Claire and Mike’s wedding up at Darver Castle which should be fantastic!

to view some of my latest shenanigans follow the link below.

Bits & Bobs 2009


  1. Anonymous

    Hey Jude,

    I sure miss you. You guys take some great pictures. I love the catplant. Where can I get one? Are they next to the chia pets? We have been “letterboxing” it is the same as geocacheing but doesn’t require a GPS, you just to go the website and look for letterboxes in your area and read and follow clues…like a real treasure hunt!! We love it. You can try that too…:)

    love ya,
    see you in september, Sis.

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