June 26, 2006

If it’s too hot in the house, move into an even hotter apartment…

So we did it, we moved this last weekend in 95° weather. My mom and sister came had helped which was awesome, flynn and I would have had lots of fun doing it by ourselves.

Long story short, it was hot, and on Sunday nite my clutch cable broke in my car (in the middle of the intersection). When I called AAA for a tow they said I never paid my bill 8 months ago! Even though i’ve used my AAA card several times since and I know I paid it…After 45min on the phone with the jerks I finally gave up. Luckily my mama was there and also had a towing service.

$83 later, the garage just called and said my car’s done. Yippy.

In other news, Henderson’s printing sucks!

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