February 2, 2009


Sitting in my hospital bed after surgery, eating cookies. More cookies stat! Surgery went well, or so they tell me, I don’t remember a thing. I woke up in the hospital this morning at 6 to the sounds of construction work next door. I got up to close the windows and looked out on a snow covered Dublin. That was strange. Shortly a nurse came to take me to get my back ‘marked’ for surgery. After he informed me i had my gown on backwards we headed down to get marked. After receiving a local anesthetic they jabbed some inked up needle into me which hurt pretty bad. After they finished my body thought it would be fun to pass out, all the blood drained from my face and my legs and arms went tingly. I didn’t pass out completely but i managed to get all the attention of the nurses. 😉

They then put me on a trolly/bed and pushed me back up to my room where i got my blood drawn and awaited surgery. About 9am someone came and took me down to the anesthesiologist. Can’t say I remember too much after that. Woke up, went back to sleep, woke up again and then was taken up to my room where mick was waiting for me. Dr. O’Neill came in and said that everything went very well and that my disc was ‘very large’ and i had very much reason for complaint. Well not any more!

I’ll keep you updated later. Lots of love, jude

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