December 22, 2008

Times are changing.

Jess and I started off in Dublin together and tomorrow a part of that adventure will end. Jess will be moving back to Germany and opening the door for all sorts of new adventures of her own. Our friendship was built on us both being thrown completely blind into an unknown city with only each other as companions. Companions who couldn’t speak the same language, but we were completely lost together.

I will miss our chats about how Dublin dives us crazy, how much we love and hate it. I’ll miss our travels together and that friend who is always up for anything even if it’s pissing down rain. I’ll miss her German common sense.

I know this is not the end and we’ll see each other again and be keeping in touch. But I will miss her dearly.


  1. What a lovely post Judy, very sweet.

    It has been a pleasure to have gotten to know Jess through your. Always interesting, always thinking, always smiling and laughing, and always looking at things from the bright/right side.

    good luck Jess if you’re reading!

  2. Just looking at these pictures says its a beautiful friendship. How nice of you to share. You will never forget each other. Now you have a reason to go to Germany, to visit your friend!
    The best to you Jess and thanks Judy for sharing your friend with your family and family of friends…Mom

  3. … this is more the just saying good by, this bite into my heart deeply… tears in my eyes! At the end my trip to Germany was so exhausting with all this heavy baggage and this little over filled and mad airport in Dublin, I couldn’t find the time to be sad… but after reading this everything comes up, don’t take me wrong, not in a bad way, I be moved to tears because all these pictures brought up so many good memories I will never forget. Thanks for this post Judy, it’s shows up a huge gift I got in my life… this huge gift are YOU! This time will never has an end, also if we apart from each other… new experience are waiting for us and I look forward to it!

    Thanks for all these lovely comments to everybody. Marry Christmas and a good start for a new year… 2009!

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