February 20, 2007

Choose wisely

When I woke up this morning it was soooo nice outside. Walked to work. Sat in a building all day. When I finally left the building, it looked like armageddon outside, lashing rain and the sky was pure black (at 5:30 when it’s usually light). But by time I got to the bus stop it stopped. So once again I decided to walk (my new years resolution). About half way home, guess what? Yep, you’d think the flood was ‘acomin. And guess what else? Yep, forgot my umbrella, so I ducked under a ledge.

When the rain lessened I continued on my way home. When I neared the crosswalk to head onto my street, I noticed people stopping, looking as if they were going to cross but then continued on their way. When I got the the  crosswalk I saw why, the street had narrowed and now had two streams (approaching white water rapids status), 5 feet wide at least, on both sides. I live on a bit of a hill, so all the water from the hill was rushing down the streets and apparently Dublin’s medieval sewer systems aren’t capable of handling the rain water (???).

Dilemma: walk up the street to the next crosswalk or go swimming.

I went swimming. I knew I couldn’t jump the water, so the next best plan of action was to one-foot hop to the center and then hop out. It turned out to be a two hop. Both feet took their turns hopping in the water up past my ankles. A good time to point out that I made the decision this morning NOT to wear my boots, but to wear my cute open-topped maryjanes instead. So, then I found myself standing in the island in the middle of the street. This was truly an Island, completely surrounded by water. I had the other side still to venture across, same formula as last time.

Once safely on the other side of the street, a meer minutes from home, I looked down at my feet, completely soaked, socks, shoes, jeans. I laughed out loud and wore a huge grin all the way home.


  1. Kathy

    Gotta love ya sis! Looks like those Dubliners can learn a thing or two from an Oregon girl!

  2. Anonymous

    puddles are made for stomping!


  3. i probably couldn’t have kept a smile on my face with soaked feet. that always makes me grumpy.

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