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09 Jun '09

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Here I go again on my own…

Hi All it’s been a while since i’ve posted and many fun things have come to pass.

I introduced Mick to Geocaching and it’s our new favorite activity. It has taken us to mountains and castles and to lovely … Read More

19 May '09

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If you didn’t get the email…

I know what’s been on all of your minds lately. When the heck is Judy coming for a visit??? We’ll the time is near…well 3 months away. As an added bonus my amazingly awesome and handsome (and irish) boyfriend will … Read More

26 Apr '09

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Damn Recession.

I finished my first full week back to work last week. I was actually suppose to be back to work the week before, but i fell ill with a case of strep throat which kept me home and in bed … Read More

23 Mar '09

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Paddy’s day and other miscellany.

Well not a lot has happened since last post. Paddy’s day came and went. We enjoyed it by watching the parade from a rooftop on dame street where we had a fantastic view. I’ve mainly just been taking it easy. … Read More

25 Feb '09


Catholic for a day.

So this week included Pancake Tuesday. In honor of the sacred holiday we made Blueberry Pecan Buttermilk Pancakes.

In other news my back/leg seems to be improving slowly. It’s still a bit painful to sit for long periods of … Read More

16 Feb '09

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Well I’m 2 weeks post-op now and I definitely have not walked away “pain-free” as I was promised. It’s a strange pain now, hard to explain. I still have twinges of sciatica down my leg and my feet have lots … Read More

05 Feb '09


Home Again.

I’m back from the hospital and restricted to bed-rest for the next two weeks. Overall I feel okay, it’s a little concerning because the pain I’m feeling now is identical to the pain I had before the operation. But the … Read More

02 Feb '09

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Sitting in my hospital bed after surgery, eating cookies. More cookies stat! Surgery went well, or so they tell me, I don’t remember a thing. I woke up in the hospital this morning at 6 to the sounds of construction … Read More

19 Jan '09

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Birthday Road Trip

Well, I am now officially in my last year of my 20’s. Wow. It’s really amazing how life just flies by. Thirty will be here before I know it but I still feel about 23. I figure I better end … Read More

22 Dec '08


Times are changing.

Jess and I started off in Dublin together and tomorrow a part of that adventure will end. Jess will be moving back to Germany and opening the door for all sorts of new adventures of her own. Our friendship was … Read More

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