February 11, 2007

Doin’ time.

Today I went to jail. Kilmainham Gaol was built in 1796 to house all of Irelands criminals. Before the jail was built all criminals were shipped to Austrailia, most of them dying on the 7 month voyage. The jail is most famous for holding Irish Rebelion leaders, Joseph Plunkett caught my attention. Most of the men involved in the 1916 Easter Rising were not your normal military leaders, they were artists, poets and musicians. Irish history is passionate, so much devotion to the country and people. I will definitily study up on it a bit more.

Main gate

East reformation wing

Execution yard

The cell Plunkett was held, 1916

After the jail, Martina and I got a little lost but hopped the LUAS back to town for some Pizza, then for a drink at 4Dame Lane, and ended the evening at the Irish Film Institute. Many of our nites end up there (or start off there). We watched For Your Consideration, a good laugh after walking through a dreary jail all day.

Home again, it’s only Saturday (oh wait sunday now, its 1 am.) I have all day tomorrow to enjoy.

But there’s still the question of:

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