June 16, 2006

on the horizon

First and foremost I need to get my visa! I’m starting to get worried cause if it really takes the full 8 weeks to process I will be receiving it on the 4th of August and I’m planning on leaving the 9th. That’s a little too close for me.

Second I need to buy my plan ticket. Looks like it will be around $650, Dara will reimburse.

I’ve contacted Jessica, she is the German woman who also is moving to Dublin and will be working with Treasa’s husband. Should work out great to be housemates. She doesn’t speak much English but it’s probably a lot better than my German. The two years I took in HS has faded fast. It will be a great opportunity for us both to learn more.

This weekend: garage sale
Next weekend: move to apartment

Life will be normal for two weeks

Then off to Alaska for a week or pure vacation!

Then one week left in the states and at last off to Ireland to start the next chapter in this book.

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