February 4, 2007

Overall, a very good day.

Other than the fact I woke up at 1pm I had a great day! I was hoping to get up early and venture into town for my first weekend back in Dublin. Got my act together around 3pm and headed ot the Hugh Lane Modern Art Gallery. It was, uh, interesting. The exhibition they had on on was called “The Studio” which consisted of actual artist’s studios that had been dissasembled, and then reassembled within the Gallery. So I walked through a bunch of “recreated rooms” that had paint splattered on the walls, sketches, notes, beer cans, etc. The Gallery also holds the Francis Bacon collection which was really amazing.

After the Gallery (only took 1.5 hours to get throught it) I rode my bike around town some more. Oh, I didn’t mention, it was an absolutly gorgeous day. Grabbed a bite for dinner and then I was off to the Decemberists gig at Vicar Street. Guinness and a great show, although they didn’t play either of my favorite songs. The show got out rather early so I decided to take advantage of the nice nite and walk home. Which I happened to pass a Thai take out place on the way and was lured in by the smell. While waiting for my food I had a funny conversation with a drunk dubliner about football.

Now, I’m at home, eating Pad Thai and watching Snakes on a Plane!

Bravo! Good day!


  1. Flynn

    Hooray for Decemberists!

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