November 2, 2006

we’ve got plans comin out the wahoo

Flynn’s on his way to Chicago right now. Lucky him, I always get stuck with a transfer in Atlanta. We’ve got big plans when he gets here.

I’ve rented a car for three days and we’re going to drive down to Kilkenny and then over to the cliffs of Moher (you may know them as the Cliffs of Insanity from the Princess Bride!). Then we will head up to Galway and make a circle back to dublin. The time we have together is packed! On thursday my work is winning an award at the Irish Design Effectiveness Awards, which will be a big fancy dinner, we get to go to. Then there are museums to see and pubs to drink in. I’m worried its going to make the time go by so fast (the last 3 months have flown!). But this is also my vacation from work and a chance for me to get out and see some of the country, so i don’t want to just sit in dublin the whole time. Even though there is more than enough to see and do in Dublin alone.

Here’s a cute little map so you can see where we’re going:

You may not here from me for the next week so here are some more random Dublin pictures:


  1. have fun!

  2. Jude, we miss him already.

    Have a great vacation together!

  3. rothermel

    yeahhhh, fun time! hey if your camera can do a 15 second video, can you have flynn yelling “AS YOU WISSHHHH!!!!” while youre next to the cliffs?


  4. Ryan’s request would be awesome! Flynn will fit in like a regular “Culchy” over there. Have a wonderful and fun filled vacation. Love Mom

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