June 3, 2008


What an amazing past few weeks! To follow up on Budapest, this last weekend we hopped on the bike headed to into the west driving three hours to Oranmore, just outside Galway, were we were camping for 3 nites with some friends of mick. On the second day we took the bike for a trip around Connemara which was amazing. Neither one of us knew Ireland had such a big mountain range! It was pretty amazing, we stopped off at this cute little swimming hole which also amazed us cause the water was so clear blue it looked like we were in the tropics! the only way we even knew we were in Ireland anymore was cause there were cows watching us the whole time. Then the next day we all went to Salthill and walked the beach front and played mini golf, bumper cars and pool. loads of fun. Now I’m back at work…not as much fun as camping.

Camping Oranmore / Galway / Connemara


  1. I wish I could have half the amount of fun you are having

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