June 18, 2008

It’s official.

I’m legal to live in Ireland again! I went down yesterday and extended my work authorisation for another 2 years. I can’t believe these past two years have gone by so fast! And I’m continuing to have the time of my life. I now know that moving to Ireland has been one of the best choices I’ve made. I do miss my friends and my family. But the good thing about them, is they’re always there, and they’re just as I remember. However, I’m making new friends, some as close as family.

What have I been up to recently, you ask? Well I was helping Mick celebrate his birthday with lots of shenanigans. I tried my hand at baking him what I’ve just dubbed, Judy’s Crazy 8 lime cheesecake, with a strawberry hat. The cheesecake topped off some delicious enchilada’s.

I’ve been relatively busy the last few months and that seems to be slowing down now, unfortunately that means no more holidays planned. I’ll have to change that soon. I’ve a few exciting things on the horizon, but they’re top secret for now. More details to come. For now feast your eyes on ‘Crazy 8.


  1. OH MY GOD … I want to eat that!!!

  2. You sure are spoiling him! He must be “berry” special to you, just like you are to me…

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