February 5, 2009

Home Again.

I’m back from the hospital and restricted to bed-rest for the next two weeks. Overall I feel okay, it’s a little concerning because the pain I’m feeling now is identical to the pain I had before the operation. But the doctor has assured me that this is normal and the pain will go away. He described it as hitting your thumb with a hammer, once the hammer is removed the pain will remain for a little while. He said my nerves have basically been getting hit with a hammer for about 8 months now, and the hammer has been removed. So, it will be a only a matter of time before the pain subsides. This could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. I’m hoping for the 2 weeks…

I’m moving freely around the house, able to go up and down the stairs and walk around. If I stand up for too long I start to get a bit dizzy, think that might be from the painkillers I’m on. Speaking of them, it’s sure noticeable when they start to run out the pain is back in about 5 minutes and i know it’s time to take another dose.

I’ve to go to the dr. next week and get my clips (aka staples) out and then in two weeks I’ll be able to go swimming again. Then in a month it’s back to the surgeon for a check-up.

Mick has been amazing. He was at the hospital with me the whole time, staying all day until the nurses would kick him out. When I got home he had put together our new orthopedic bed so I can get some good rest, and I have.

I think the hard part is over, now I just get to lay down and take it easy at home and watch the snow fall.

Thanks to everyone for all the loving thoughts.

Here’s a few photos from the last few days and of our new house!

Surgery and new house


  1. Your new place looks great! So colorful!!!

    I hope your recovery is speedy.

  2. Good to hear you make good progress. I see, you feel a bit dizzy… I think your circulation is a bit down, because lack of movement, which is normal… so give yourself a rest and you will see everything will work out well for you in a little while!

    Big kiss to you

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