May 19, 2009

If you didn’t get the email…

I know what’s been on all of your minds lately. When the heck is Judy coming for a visit??? We’ll the time is near…well 3 months away. As an added bonus my amazingly awesome and handsome (and irish) boyfriend will be joining me. Clear your schedules for some proper Judy & Mick hang out time from August 27th to September 14th. Aaron we’ll be in NY August 24-27 so prepare your couch/floor!

Oregon has a lot to live up to for mick, as you all probably know how I tend to exaggerate. We’ll be looking for couches/floors/beds to sleep on and cars/vanagons to borrow for some short trips…so let us know if you have a spare.

We’ll have 2.5 weeks to:
1. Go to the beach! who’s in?
2. Maybe camping/rafting if the weather is as good as last sept.
3. Down to sunriver (Emily think i can rent the house again? not sure of the dates yet)
4. Up to Seattle for a day (DOMINIC!!!)
5. Drinking delicious oh so missed Oregon beer.
6. Sarah’s wedding! (Sept. 6th)
7. Leah party? huh huh?
8. lots of visiting in between.

I’m a little excited if you can’t tell. See you all in a few months.

Lots of love,

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