December 30, 2009


I am really slacking on these blogs lately and I apologize. So much as happened, yet it just seem so go by so fast that I don’t have time to write about them. I’ve added a whole slue of photos to my Picasa Page so head on over there to see what I’ve been up to.

The winter is definitely upon us here in Dublin. It has gone from rainy to rainy and cold. For the last few weeks we’ve been waking up to a frost covered Dublin. It has been spitting snow a little, but from what I hear the snow is on it’s way and should hit next week. Our quant little old house has now become a quant freezer box. All this weather makes for staying inside huddled in one room with a roaring fire, drinking hot chocolate/tea/bailey’s coffee and watching movies – our activity of choice. When we’re not doing that you’ll probably find us huddled up in some warm pub slurping down some cold pints.

Work has calmed down quite a bit this winter as well, my work has been put back to a 3 day work week again with 3 weeks off for the holiday’s. Some people aren’t so happy with this, but I welcome the time off. I’ll actually be taking a 4th week off as well as we’re heading to Austria skiing on the 9th of January. I’ve been doing a few ski lessons at Kilternan on their dry slope. Just learning the basic’s of skiing so when I get to Austria I’ll be a step up on the other beginners. (you’ll find some photos here.

Another fantastic thing that happened was Modest Mouse came to Dublin! I was quick on at exactly 9am and was able to get tickets to the small venue before they sold out in less than 5 minutes. Jessica flew over from Dublin to see them with me. She arrived in the Saturday before (gig was on Tuesday) so we’d have a bit of time to hang out and she was happy to see a bit of Dublin again. So that night she got in, myself, mick and jess headed up to the Porterhouse North for a quite “welcome back Jess “pint. When we arrived I saw a few of our friends, what a coincidence! … and then look a few more, wow they don’t even know each other… why are they all here together? After about a 2 minute delay everyone yelled “SURPRISE!!!” and I quickly realised this was going to be more than just a quite pint. Mick had gone through months of organising a surprise party for me 6 weeks early as we are going to be away in Austria for my actual party! I definitely got a surprise. It was great to see everyone out especially on another crappy evening. On Tuesday we headed the Modest Mouse gig which was probably the best show I’ve ever been too. It was in a venue that only holds about 500 people. We had no problem standing dead center stage just in front of the guard railing. I sang my lungs out and danced my legs off, I had no voice and wobbly legs the next morning. Outstanding.

A quick rundown of some other things that happened. I got laryngitis, then I caught a cold, then I got better for a few days, then I caught another cold. I’ve basically been sniffling and coughing for well over a month now.

In between all that I’ve managed to do a few things. A group of us headed over to Lahinch, County Clare to go surfing. I was really looking forward to this but the stupid cold I had wouldn’t allow me any fun. While we were there we visited the Cliffs of Moher where we experienced the true power of wind. Several people a year get blown off the cliffs and I always put this down to stupidity but now I realise you could be 200 feet away from the cliff and still get blown off if you’re in the wrong area. Don’t worry we stayed in the walled area the whole time, but at one point go smashed up against the wall and if it wasn’t there about 20 people would have been blown over the edge. Scary! After we all decided we’d had enough wind we visited the Ailwee Caves where there was no wind and it stays at a constant 10°C. The next day everyone, including Holly the dog, went surfing while myself and Orla stayed on the beach and took photos. It looked like great fun and I’ll have to give it a go sometime when I’m not sick.

Only 9 days now till we’re off to Austria! Where I will attempt to ski. I promise I’ll post up a blog when I get back. Hope you’re all doing well.

Head on over to my Picasa page for photos!


  1. Patty N.

    Yea Judy! Love to read about what’s going on with you. The pictures are great.

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