October 11, 2009

Yes I’m alive!

I’ve just been very busy, or maybe very lazy, probably a combination of both. Too much has actually happened for me to remember. Our trip to America came and went far too fast. We had a fantabulous time. Four days in NYC with Aaron where we went to the National History museum and saw dinosaurs, went to the top of the Rockerfeller Center where Mick kept his eye out for his TV-Star crush (Tina Fey). We went up to the Top-of-the-Rock just as the sun was going down so we got to see the city with and without lights, absolutely beautiful both ways. We visited the Bronx Zoo on apparently what is the busiest day of the week and we ate a pound of cheesecake.

Then on to Oregon. We were picked up at the airport by all my friends and drive directly to the Concordia Ale House so we could get a pint of sweet, delicious, very much missed Oregon beer. This just started things off perfectly, I knew it was going to be a good trip. The next day, we headed down to Sunriver. This was fantastic as 13 of my friends got to go which is pretty amazing as everyone was able to get off time work or get babysitters and generally act like we were all 22 again. We all went out to the Lava Caves which were very different from the caves Mick and I visited in County Clare, Ireland, which were also very cool. I finally got to spend a bit of time with my mom and introduce Mick whom she’d heard so much about and finally got to met. I also got to spend some time with my brother which was much needed.

Back to Portland. We went for hikes in the Columbia River George, Kayaking with Jaimie’s family on the Rogue River, Sarah’s bachlorette party, walking around Portland, eating around Portland, Mick got to go shoot guns while I visited my fluffyfaced kitty cat. I took mick to the batting cages where he got to partake in the great aAmerican past-time of hitting baseballs. We got to spend a little time with my sister and my three nieces who are all so big now and so cute! We took the train up to Seattle and where we met up with Dominic and drank beers from our socks in the park. And then most importantly, I got to see my best friend in the world get Married. The wedding was fantastic, not a thing out of place, all was perfect. When Sarah and Morgan went off for their Honeymoon we watched after their house for them. They just bought a lovely new house complete with game room (pool and poker tables), a hot-tub, and koi pond out back! They really lucked out and so did Mick and I by getting to stay there.

Then before we knew it, it was time to go home. I didn’t quite realize how much I missed everyone and Oregon until I was there again. It was so good to be home and be surrounded by all my friends and family. I miss you all and thanks for treating us so well.

Lots of love,

If you haven’t seen em yet, more photos at Mick’s Picasa:

American Holiday Part 1
American Holiday Part 2

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