07 Jul '16

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Chase’s Visit

I made a promise to each of my three nieces that when they turned 16, they could come visit me in Ireland. This April, my niece, Chase, turned 16 so it was her turn. However this year was a little bit … Read More

15 Jan '15

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34 things

  1. Pheonix Park 
  2. Inishbeg
  3. Bangkok
  4. Chang Mai
  5. Kho Lanta
  6. Koh Jum
  7. Krabi
  8. gardening
  9. first blackeye (softball)
  10. Offset
  11. Skellig Michael
  12. Kinvara
  13. Oregon
  14. Sister’s College Graduation
  15. Opal Creek
  16. Oregon friends
  17. Meath 100km cycle
  18. Belfast softball blitz
  19. IOST
  20. Paige’s visit!
  21. Lisbon
  22. Sintra
  23. The Algarve
  24. Read More

21 Mar '14

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Dublin vs. Portland

I see your Dublin… …and I raise you a Portland Read More

12 May '10

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How could the last 11 days fly by so fast?

I picked Mom up from the airport Friday the 30th. After a 18 hour flight she was very happy to see a familiar face. To my surprise, jet-lag never seemed to set in. I had planned the first 2 days … Read More

30 Dec '09

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I am really slacking on these blogs lately and I apologize. So much as happened, yet it just seem so go by so fast that I don’t have time to write about them. I’ve added a whole slue of photos … Read More

14 Jul '09

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Great weekend, baaaaaaad Monday.

On Thursday 10 of us headed west to Carrick-on-Shannon for the annual Shannon Cruise. Thursday night was nice and easy, we settled in for the evening and to enjoy a bbq on the docks. Friday was back to the river … Read More

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