2006 August

30 Aug '06

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29 Aug '06


I went the other way…

I went for a walk tonite after dinner. I headed north, I usually head south because that’s towards town. But to the northwest is Phoenix Park, the largest park in all of Europe. The park is so large that it … Read More

28 Aug '06



Football here is not soccer like in the rest of Europe. This weekend there was a huge football game, Dublin VS. Mayo in the All Ireland SFC semi-finals. So what is Gaelic Football? I have no idea, it looks like … Read More

27 Aug '06


The coast

Today we headed down to Dun Laoghaire for the Festival of World Cultures. We hopped on the DART for a 30min train ride there, cheap too only 3.50 round trip. When we got there, it was a festival much like … Read More

26 Aug '06

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last nite went well, after work a few of us headed over to O’Neills for a few drinks and a dinner of chips (come on, fries) and little wieners on toothpicks. It was a good time, at 8:10 Treasa and … Read More

24 Aug '06


where i live…

By the way, this is my house…for the next few months at least…

The “garden”The living roomMy room

There’s also a great kitchen with very tall counters and cupboards

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24 Aug '06

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I’m very impressionable.

I’ve been reading a lot of Tom Robbins (what’s new). He always inspires the best imagery.


Things are going swimmingly here. I had meetings all day today mainly with manufacturing type business men. The majority of our … Read More

22 Aug '06

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Preach it Tom…

Things. Things attach themselves like leeches to the human soul, then they bleed out the sweetness and the music and the primordial joy of being unencumbered upon the land. People feel tremendous pressure to settle down in some sort of … Read More

20 Aug '06


the cars

i forgot to mention something about the cars. Apparently a few years ago the government took the inititive to get all the old cars off the streets by giving anyone who turned in their old car (before 1990) a fistfull … Read More

19 Aug '06


Phrase for the day

Irish Fashion Accessory=Umbrella

Today I got a taste of the real Dublin. I waited until 2 for it to stop raining so I could go walk around. Well, the rain stayed away for about 10 minutes. Then started coming down … Read More

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