2008 February

29 Feb '08

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Give me some snow!

Les Arcs Snow Forecast | Snow Report | by E-mail

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27 Feb '08

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In 4 days for 4 days

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks (months).

Whaoo I’m heading to France in four days to go snowboarding in the Alps. I can barely contain my excitement. I’m a bit nervous as it’s been over 4 … Read More

17 Feb '08

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the last few days

It seems like right when I get over a cold I catch another one. I felt entirely healthy for about one week and then the sniffles and aches came again. boo! I’ve managed to suffer through. Actually, the last week … Read More

08 Feb '08


Why am I excited?

I’ll tell you why. Because tomorrow I’m going to see the smashing pumpkings, who happen to be playing the same night as Black Francis (aka Frank Black, aka the Pixies!!!). However the pumpkins won out, as anyone who know’s me … Read More

05 Feb '08

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It’s that time of year again

It’s Pancake Day! And I didn’t eat a single pancake, boo!

But it’s also time for a visit back to the ol’ You Ess of Ay. Got my ticket today with a 3 day lay over in New York … Read More

03 Feb '08

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Good times

Rain rain and more rain, however I had an excellent weekend. Friday nite, went out for drinks with a few friends, had a great time. Didn’t do to much saturday, went for a walk, a little shopping and started watching … Read More

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