2007 February

27 Feb '07


These are the days of our lives…

My visit to the Irish Modern Art Museum.

Oh Jesus!

Our town.

I just can’t escape New Mexico.

Door number one?

We Judiths tend to stick together

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20 Feb '07


Choose wisely

When I woke up this morning it was soooo nice outside. Walked to work. Sat in a building all day. When I finally left the building, it looked like armageddon outside, lashing rain and the sky was pure black (at … Read More

14 Feb '07

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Well, I just found out that St. Valentine actually resides here in Dublin, well his remains at least. I guess I should have went to see him today. Instead I helped Ashling celebrate her 27th birthday with dinner, wine and … Read More

11 Feb '07

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Doin’ time.

Today I went to jail. Kilmainham Gaol was built in 1796 to house all of Irelands criminals. Before the jail was built all criminals were shipped to Austrailia, most of them dying on the 7 month voyage. The jail is … Read More

07 Feb '07


This morning

I opened my front door to go to work and aloud said “Oh, inter-esting…” as I stepped out onto a snow covered street.

It’s funny how you’re awake for an hour but never look out the window, and then, it … Read More

04 Feb '07

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Overall, a very good day.

Other than the fact I woke up at 1pm I had a great day! I was hoping to get up early and venture into town for my first weekend back in Dublin. Got my act together around 3pm and headed … Read More

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