2006 September

30 Sep '06

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Rainy day update

We’ll I did it, I suited up and hit the town. It’s great walking around in my plastic rain suit. I accomplished something as well. I got my glasses fixed, for those of you who didn’t know, the second week … Read More

30 Sep '06

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today i had big plans…well okay i was gonna go walk around and go shopping. I may still. but it’s raining. I do however think the weather report is halarious!

—————Saturday 30 SeptemberSome parts of the north and northeast will … Read More

28 Sep '06

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My good friend Erin is in labor right now! Come meet the world little boy! I’ll see you in January.

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27 Sep '06

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gumi candy

i ate some teeth and lips

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26 Sep '06


Just great. My (social) life is over.

So when I moved here I knew my computer would be my best friend (for a while). Simply because it was going to be my connection to friends and family back home. I also figured I could use it as … Read More

24 Sep '06


Sunday lazy Sunday

Today my plan to stay in my pj’s all day is coming along perfectly. There is reason for this…I was out very late last nite. I met up with Susan (from my work) at the Central hotel downtown. One of … Read More

18 Sep '06


17 Sep '06

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Dance the nite away

I’ve had a lot of fun while Aaron’s been here. His mom flew into town yesterday and we were able to meet her for dinner and walking around the city for a few hours. She took us out for the … Read More

14 Sep '06

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Somewhere over the rainbow

Holy meetings! This week was filled with meetings. I knew I had a meeting scheduled with a client on tuesday, but what I didn’t know what that the meeting was an hour and a half away! So, my one hour … Read More

12 Sep '06

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Obey the fire

Yeah, Aaron is here! We’ve had lots of fun walking around the city and I finally have a pub partner, at least until next wednesday. Here are some pictures from our adventures.

1-3. From the fire installation at the … Read More

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