2006 December

29 Dec '06

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Silly little hats

I spent giftmas with Fiona’s family downin Newbridge. It’s a thirty minute train ride southwest of Dubin. The trains weren’t running xmas or St. Stephen’s day (the day after). So we were “stuck” in newbridge for 4 days. Couldn’t complain, … Read More

23 Dec '06

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Time for a camera upgrade

Last nite we had our work Christmas party. We started off with lunch (at 3) at Brasserie Sixty6. I had chicken skewers, then a steak for dinner with missisippi mud pie for dessert. Delicious! Around 6 we headed out for … Read More

22 Dec '06


Christmas with The Pogues

Tonite I paid 50 euros to go watch one of the most famous drunken toothless irishmen stumble around a stage.

It was worth it.

There was more energy in the room than I’ve ever felt. He didn’t need … Read More

16 Dec '06


more photos!

O’Connel street at nite.

Doyles pub.

This is one of my favorite cinemas in town. It’s called the Screen and has this inviting usher outside. I belive the statue is a monument to a real usher who use … Read More

11 Dec '06

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11 Dec '06

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Photo post (again)

a few of the things i’ve been up to the last few weeks

^this is what my umbrella looks like most the time.

^this was at a “psp art” showing…strange.

^today i took a trip out to Howth, it’s in … Read More

04 Dec '06

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Everyone’s a critic

If you loved these guys as a kid:

You’ll love these guys as an adult:

>>>>>Youtube: For your viewing pleasure.

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