2006 June

26 Jun '06

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If it’s too hot in the house, move into an even hotter apartment…

So we did it, we moved this last weekend in 95° weather. My mom and sister came had helped which was awesome, flynn and I would have had lots of fun doing it by ourselves.

Long story short, it … Read More

21 Jun '06

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It’s official!

Flight: Delta Air Lines flight 1683 (Non-Stop)Depart: Portland, OR (PDX) Wed, Aug 09 at 8:00amArrive: Atlanta, GA (ATL) – SOUTH TERMINALWed, Aug 09 at 3:47pm

Flight: Delta Air Lines flight 158 (Non-Stop)Depart: Atlanta, GA (ATL) – SOUTH TERMINALWed, Aug 09 … Read More

18 Jun '06

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garage sailing away…

Garage sale went good yesterday. We sold about half of our stuff, then someone came this morning and bought three large things so that was good. I just put up “everything free” signs…but no takers yet. I don’t want this … Read More

16 Jun '06

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on the horizon

First and foremost I need to get my visa! I’m starting to get worried cause if it really takes the full 8 weeks to process I will be receiving it on the 4th of August and I’m planning on leaving … Read More

14 Jun '06

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Thought I better get one of these…

Everyone told me to, so here it is. I will try to keep posts current, we’ll see I’m not very good at updating these kinda things. But I have a feeling I’m going to be having some free time on … Read More

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