2007 August

29 Aug '07

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Battle of the century

The Babylonians vs. The Romans

As mentioned below, I got two fish. After a mighty battle, for breath, Nero won. Nebuchadnezzar died after only three days. I didn’t mean to do my own animal testing but I got the wrong … Read More

26 Aug '07

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It get’s lonely at the top—and I live in an attic.

Hardly a replacement for logan, but meet Nero (left) and Nebuchadnezzar (right).

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16 Aug '07



I’ve always thought highly of macintosh computers, everyone know’s that. But now, my faith is wavering. Only one year after i bought my macbook, the hard drive has crashed. the ironic part was i was backing up all of my … Read More

10 Aug '07

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One year – no regrets

As of yesterday i have officially lived in Dublin for one year. It’s crazy how time fies, yes when I’m having fun. I’ve learned so many new things living over here, mainly how to live on my own and be … Read More

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