2007 September

26 Sep '07

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Tis the wind and nothing more!

The wind is back and it has blown summer away. But despite the blustery, cold, dark by 7.30 evenings I’ve still managed to do a few things. The fringe festival has been on for the last month and I went … Read More

12 Sep '07


My world

So I got a little bored and in preporation for Emily and Christina to get here, I’ve noted all my usual haunts.

They can be found here.

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06 Sep '07

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Jessica Lynn LiddellNovember 4, 1979 – September 2, 2007Jessica was one of those people I didn’t see for years. But when we did see eachother, our friendship always picked up right where it left off. I will always remember her … Read More

03 Sep '07


Electric Picnic 2007!!!

Where to begin…the weekend that I had most eagerly anticipated came, and went in a flash.

FridayI took friday off and at 11am met Aishling and Martina at the bus station to catch our bus down to Stradbally, about a … Read More

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