2007 October

31 Oct '07

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Rome again Rome again

Yippy, just got into rainy Rome. Once in Italy we stayed two nites in Lecce and then headed over the the supremely beautiful Amalfi Coast, where we stayed the next two nites. And where I reminiced of the days of … Read More

26 Oct '07


Amazing, just amazing.

The last week Emily and I have been living in postcards. We have seen places I thought were just TV sets, but no, they exsist and we were there. Climbing the walls, walking the streets, eating the food and drinking … Read More

21 Oct '07

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Mi jesu idiomi

Rough translation: We are idiots. Here we are in the most beautiful place in the world, huddling in our apartment. Why you ask? Because instead of believing the weather forecast and bringing coats, gloves and scarfs, we brought swimsuits, skirts … Read More

20 Oct '07

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Day 4 in croatia, this is our second day in Dubrovnik and it is more beautiful that i ever imagined. One of those places that words/pictures can’t describe. Emily and I flew into Pula (northern croatia) on tuesday evening, found … Read More

15 Oct '07

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Off to Croatia/Montenegro/Italy

We just got back from traveling around West Ireland, every corner we turned we felt like we had entered a new postcard. Absolutely amazing scenery. I haven’t had much time to post photo’s but will when i get the chance. … Read More

01 Oct '07

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Adventures with Emily and Christina Chapter 1

Hooray! Em and Christina arrived in last friday morning at 5am in the morning. They arrived baring gifts; milk duds, twinkies, cupcakes and of course the most important reeses cups. After a few hours of chatting, the girls hit the … Read More

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