2006 October

30 Oct '06


How to get your adrenaline pumping

1. go to any shoe store, try on a pair of boots2. look in the mirror at the boots, while leaving your purse on the bench3. turn back around to find your purse gone and a man walking out the … Read More

23 Oct '06


My how time flies

I’ve officially been a resident of Dublin Ireland for 70 days. I’m learning lots of new things (mainly project management blah!) and i’m really enjoying my time so far. The cold weather is starting to set in and it’s really … Read More

15 Oct '06


weekend adventures!

Saturday: Viking Splash Tour!I met Martina and Kathriona at Stephen’s Green for the tour. This is one of the more famous tours in Dublin. It consists of taking a DUKW all around Dublin City center to all of the famous … Read More

13 Oct '06


weak in the knees

On my way home from work today I stopped at Easons (think Borders) to buy some paints and a map of Ireland. The place is usually busy because it’s right downtown on the main street, but when I walked in, … Read More

12 Oct '06

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Best/worst nite

Had a great nite tonite, headed out after work to grab some dinner with Martina. We went to Aya, one of them revolving sushi places. We’re talking gooood sushi here, not the kind that has been making its way around … Read More

08 Oct '06

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I went out walking for six hours on Saturday. Took some pictures:

The potato famine sculptureThis is a memorial to an immigrant ship that was taken over by pirates!Sign that basically sum’s up DublinThe Ha’ Penny bridge. The most famous … Read More

05 Oct '06



Wednesday nite everyone at my work (sans two) went out to the pub to celebrate Claire’s last week of work. She’s heading off to Brazil to teach English. We had tons of fun and I ended up staying until the … Read More

01 Oct '06

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Realization: I’m lazy.

A beautiful day today. Around 3 I went out on the town. I found a great place for people watching, its on the steps of the tourism office. Which means there are all kinds of people around. Fun stuff. Next … Read More

01 Oct '06


Oh baby.

Wow what a cute baby! Way to go Erin and Nick. Thanks katie for keeping me updated through all of this. The sun is out today!

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