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January | 2007 | Judy Cecil

2007 January

28 Jan '07


Across the pond (again)

Made it home safely, then slept for eight hours. It’s going to be strange going back to work again tomorrow. I had an awesome time in Oregon, thanks everying for taking time to hang out with me. I spent lots … Read More

10 Jan '07


Coming home!

Two days to go until I cross the Big Pond and make my way to PDX, via a three hour stop in Chicago. I’m really excited to head home and am hoping to get a chance to hang out with … Read More

02 Jan '07


Food poisoning sucks!

I didn’t make it to the first day back at work today from our week long break. Apparently, my new favorite food, goats cheese salad, gave me food poisoning. I was up all nite last nite, the sickest I can … Read More

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