2008 April

15 Apr '08


NYC day 3

Up and at it early this morning, my last day in NYC. I joined Aaron on his way to work at 9:30 and we grabbed coffee at his neighborhood coffee shop. He went on to work and I went on … Read More

15 Apr '08

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NYC day 2

Aaron woke up hung over from the nite before, the exact reason I didn’t want to join him. So while he slept, I headed over to the Statue of Liberty and then wandered up Broadway Street, past Wall Street, strolled … Read More

13 Apr '08

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I <3 NY!

Hey everyone I made it to NYC! A quick rundown of what’s gone on so far. I got in yesterday, friday, at around 12pm got my huge luggage and headed off on the subway to meet Aaron in Manhattan at … Read More

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