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November | 2006 | Judy Cecil

2006 November

26 Nov '06


The Bridges of Dublin County.

I had a good weekend (not over yet, it’s only Sunday morning). Friday night afterwork I headed out with Susan for dinner. She took me to Cafe Bar Deli. I had walked past this place many times but always just … Read More

23 Nov '06



I’ll be dreaming of turkey tonite. Actually i’m about to eat some delicious lamb stuffed cabbage i’ve made. Same old thing going on here, i’m lazy. I was going to go shopping tonite (still need to get some winter shoes, … Read More

19 Nov '06


Entertainment over

Well, Ian came and went so now all of my planned entertaining is over. There is no one on the schedule to come visit me. Let’s work together to change that. How about March? Sound good for anyone? That will … Read More

14 Nov '06


1 month 29 days 23 hours 53 minutes

Yep that’s right, flynn left yesterday morning and I’m already counting down until i get to see him again. But not only him, I get to see everyone!!!

This last week flew by, as expected. Contrary to how I though, … Read More

02 Nov '06


we’ve got plans comin out the wahoo

Flynn’s on his way to Chicago right now. Lucky him, I always get stuck with a transfer in Atlanta. We’ve got big plans when he gets here.

I’ve rented a car for three days and we’re going to drive … Read More

01 Nov '06

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