2007 December

31 Dec '07


Snow Day 2007

Well, its the last day of 2007. I’m sitting in the Infamous Tattoo studio in Stockholm Sweden waiting for Tyson to finish up his drawings. Looking back, what can I say about 2007? Cha-cha-cha-changes. Lots of things happened, lots of … Read More

15 Dec '07

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Cozy pubs.

Warm pubs, pint in hand and good friends for company. These are the days of my life, at Brogan’s Pub. Me and Gudrun(these first two photos were taken by Dara, i want his camera!)


Me and Mick

Your’s … Read More

11 Dec '07

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01 Dec '07

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How it goes

The rain is upon us and coming down hard today, which is okay because I’m home nursing my hangover all day. Things have been going good lately. Good thing i did all that traveling last month cause now i’m spending … Read More

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