15 Jan '15

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34 things

  1. Pheonix Park 
  2. Inishbeg
  3. Bangkok
  4. Chang Mai
  5. Kho Lanta
  6. Koh Jum
  7. Krabi
  8. gardening
  9. first blackeye (softball)
  10. Offset
  11. Skellig Michael
  12. Kinvara
  13. Oregon
  14. Sister’s College Graduation
  15. Opal Creek
  16. Oregon friends
  17. Meath 100km cycle
  18. Belfast softball blitz
  19. IOST
  20. Paige’s visit!
  21. Lisbon
  22. Sintra
  23. The Algarve
  24. Read More

15 Jan '15


Ghent and Brugges for the Holidays

Mick and I have always threatened to go to Belgium, the land of beer and chocolate. This year we made good on that threat. On Stephen’s Day, with our bellies still full from Christmas dinner the day before, we caught … Read More

21 Mar '14

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Dublin vs. Portland

I see your Dublin… …and I raise you a Portland Read More

11 Feb '14

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Kayaking Krabi

Today was the last day of our trip, tomorrow we would be home. We flew out at 8pm and we were determined to make the best of the day. We woke up early to pack our bags and set off on one … Read More

10 Feb '14

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Sparkly things

Up early to day. I had a very hard time packing everything, nothing seemed to fit into my bag (perhaps I didn’t want it to). Eventually I headed to the small restaurant for breakfast, where Rebecca had already eaten. I … Read More

09 Feb '14

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Monkey business

Today we decided we were going to walk the ‘Long Beach’. We started off the day with some muesli and yogurt then headed on our way. To get to the long beach we had to take the dirt road as far … Read More

27 Jan '14

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In the beginning there was Bangkok

Anyone who know’s me know’s that I love travelling. They also know that for the last 5 years I’ve been talking about my next big trip to Thailand. For 5 years it was pushed off, maybe next year, maybe next… … Read More

19 Jan '14


Laser eye surgery

In 2006 I went to Central America with my best friend Emily. During this time we had the amazing opportunity to go snorkelling off the coast of Caye Caulker, Belize. Beautiful fish were everywhere and even sharks, then I saw … Read More

05 Mar '11

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10 years flies by so quickly, then so does life.

March 5, 2001 was a sad day for the Cecil family, but if there was anything I learned from my dad passing was to live life to the fullest.

He taught me so many things and gave me my love … Read More

12 May '10

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How could the last 11 days fly by so fast?

I picked Mom up from the airport Friday the 30th. After a 18 hour flight she was very happy to see a familiar face. To my surprise, jet-lag never seemed to set in. I had planned the first 2 days … Read More

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