02 Dec '08


London calling…

So we’ve all been asked to take a week off unpaid due to the recession. This is hard for a few people but for me however, I welcome the time off. So last week I took Thursday and Friday off … Read More

09 Nov '08


Ouch my aching back! Part 2

Well, I’ve followed all my doctor’s advise. I started doing physio therapy once a week, then every other week. I stuck to doing my exercises everyday but after a month when the pain continued to be persistent. I started to … Read More

24 Oct '08

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Edinburgh for the weekend

To forget all this talk of recession me, Jess and Guðrún headed up to Edinburgh for the weekend.

EdinburghRead More

13 Oct '08


life update

I haven’t wrote for a while, mainly because nothing has been very noteworthy. I’ve been keeping my life fairly uneventful in order to give my back a chance to get better. Unfortunately I seem to have plateaued. I’ve been taking … Read More

23 Aug '08

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Not getting any younger.

However, I’m getting older before I should! As I mentioned in my previous blog, the acupuncture seemed to relieve my back pain—for about 2 weeks. Then it decided to come back with a vengeance. The pain that I had prevously … Read More

10 Aug '08


Two years

What started off as a year adventure in my life has now turned into a two year life changing journey. And I feel like it’s just starting. However, I’m also starting to feel the effects of getting older, not just … Read More

11 Jul '08


I’m a believer!

Anyone who has talked to me in the past year is probably familiar with my constant complaining about my lower back aching. It all started a year ago when I got a case of Strep Throat. I was on a … Read More

26 Jun '08


Summer in Ireland

This is the rainfall meter, it’s not set to stop for the next two weeks.

I’m not complaining. (Yes I am.)

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18 Jun '08


It’s official.

I’m legal to live in Ireland again! I went down yesterday and extended my work authorisation for another 2 years. I can’t believe these past two years have gone by so fast! And I’m continuing to have the time of … Read More

03 Jun '08

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What an amazing past few weeks! To follow up on Budapest, this last weekend we hopped on the bike headed to into the west driving three hours to Oranmore, just outside Galway, were we were camping for 3 nites with … Read More

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