Koh Lanta

05 Feb '14


4 Island Tour

We were up early and packed our bags and moved them across the street to Otto’s where we were staying for our final night in Koh Lanta. Unfortunately, Rebecca still wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t stomach breakfast. I had a … Read More

04 Feb '14

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Old Town Lanta

Our persistence in finding proper accommodation paid off this morning, as Rebecca woke up with severe food poisoning. If we would have opted to sleep in the bar that night, it may have been a messy start to the day. … Read More

03 Feb '14

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Pre-booking essential

After a restless night sleep, we had a bit of time in the morning before we had to be at the airport, so we headed off for one last breakfast in Chiang Mai, I opted for Tom Kha Gai soup, … Read More

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