01 Aug '12

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Berlin 2012

For Mick’s birthday this year I decided it was time to take a trip! We had been talking about going to Berlin for a few years now. When Jessica visited last September we were determined to take her up on … Read More

08 Sep '10

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France from the back of a motorcycle.

On August 21st I waved goodbye to Mick as he headed off on his BMW K1200 GT with Grado, Italy locked into his GPS. I wasn’t too sad cause I knew I’d be seeing him in a week myself when … Read More

12 May '10

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How could the last 11 days fly by so fast?

I picked Mom up from the airport Friday the 30th. After a 18 hour flight she was very happy to see a familiar face. To my surprise, jet-lag never seemed to set in. I had planned the first 2 days … Read More

27 Jan '10


Over the hill

Or maybe I’m just on the ascent of the hill? On January 15th I officially turned 30. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in the amazingly beautiful Austrian Alps. A group of thirteen of us went to Saalbach, … Read More

30 Dec '09

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I am really slacking on these blogs lately and I apologize. So much as happened, yet it just seem so go by so fast that I don’t have time to write about them. I’ve added a whole slue of photos … Read More

11 Oct '09

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Yes I’m alive!

I’ve just been very busy, or maybe very lazy, probably a combination of both. Too much has actually happened for me to remember. Our trip to America came and went far too fast. We had a fantabulous time. Four days … Read More

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